Geomatic International Group is a well-known Social Enterprise company in Taiwan with experienced R&D team and reliable skincare product line.
We have a professional skin care technical R&D and special expertise production team so that we are the most and trusted cosmetics production company that customers may rely on.
Our products have become more and more popular globally.
Given the reliable and good product quality, our sales multiply many times in just a few years.
Our Mission
The belief of Geomatic International Group is to provide non-toxic, natural and premium quality skin care products. Our mission is to produce good quality & eco-friendly products that enhance your beauty and high quality life in a healthy way.
To cure the skin problem of her daughter and husband, Joyce Chang started to study and to make non-toxic skincare for her family in 2010. With love to her daughter, she came out this idea to produce natural products and became the founder of Geomatic International Group at Taipei, Taiwan.
Our Team
Geomatic International Group has a strong team with different professionals responsible for raw materials sourcing, new product development, manufacturing, and safety-quality control for assurance of extensive proof of the effectiveness of products.
To contribute to society, we manage our production by following SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) strictly. All of our products are with Halal certification, CPIF Management, Liability Insurance, and Product History Management.
Geomatic International Group has been invited several times to do media exposure on different media channels.